Experience The Magic Of True Dry-Cleaning.

International Dry-Cleaning Experience

Ever since it's inception in 2001, ALL DRY has been known for it's High Quality approach in Dry-Cleaning services.


Whether it's the Dry-Clean Plant from Italy or the Finishing units from Germany, or World-class Steam Press and Automatic Folding services. All aimed to deliver the very best of After-care for your precious Garments and Furnishings.


The convenience of a wide choice of Collection Centres spread across Bangalore City, ensures you always have Great Dry-cleaning close to you!


If you aren't from Bangalore, and would like to extend our services to your precious Ceremonial, and high-end clothing so that they are treated the way they deserve, mail us and we'll coordinate with you on the easiest way to have your clothes dry-cleaned without having to drop by locally.

Services & Commitment

At ALL DRY, Dry-Cleaning takes not just a true meaning (95% of "dry cleaners" in the country are actually Laundry Units) but also a very approach. Apart from Clothes and Furnishings, we've even taken up Dry-Cleaning of Carpets. Really, if there's something that might strike you to be Dry-Cleaned, and you don't know where to look; check with us!


One of our most popular services apart from Dry-Cleaning itself, is our specialised Steam Press services that customers avail even on Daily or Occasional basis. If you feel something isn't pressed right, send it over, and we'll be glad to turn it around quickly with a newness that true Steam Pressing imparts.


Quick, Quick-er is the word, and at a nominal surcharge, we can speed-up your dry-clean requirements to a 1-Day Service* delivery if you so wish. Check with your nearest Outlet now!

The ALL DRY way

All Dry is committed to delivering a high quality Dry Cleaning experience every single time. 


Whether it's the Dry-Clean Plant setup from Italy, that only operates with 100% Perchloroethylene (White Petrol) and negates the room for Laundry Water Wash that most places adopt. "Perc" wash ensures renewed life to your clothing after each Dry Clean that infuses freshness, bounce and a new feeling each time. 


Our keen eye for service detail ensures you get your garments packaged in a straight-to-wardrobe packaging, complete with covers and simple yet special packaging. Not just that, any small stitches, buttons that might have been hanging etc., are taken care of part of our default process.


We've recently also launched in-house alteration services, where at a nominal cost, we can sort out your small fit and length requirements, all in the same time of Dry-Cleaning duration.